I got the inspiration for presented proposal from my research on American loft design and traditional principals of residential design, I been taught to extent of creation multifunctional human habit separated by zones with assigned function and purpose to provide comfort, privacy and healthy living.

The enclosed drawings present graphically my proposal to provide entrance to apartment unit from public hallway on north side of building to apartment hall.

On the right side of the hall, kitchen with adjacent closet and ½ bath is located. As per client program there was a requirement to place laundry unit along this group. I propose two options for the laundry machine:

  1. To place laundry machine in the ½ bathroom as shown on drawings;
  2. To place laundry machine in the closet on opposite side of ½ bathroom and adjacent to kitchen as shown on drawings also.

On the left side of entrance door I propose to build a closet with mirror and upper cabinets for storage up to 4 m height ceiling. Making turn left and then right from the hall, we enter a hallway with open and closed storage shelving along left side; and on opposite right hand side under-the-ceiling storage bins and entrance to guest unit which includes guest bedroom itself and ¾ bath with shower, sink and toilet; open office mezzanine space with large closet beneath it; and master bedroom with master bathroom. Another option to arrange office space is to eliminate closet beneath office deck and make office at the same floor level of hallway.

Proposed layout provides functional zoning and privacy of living space preserving possibility of daylight insolation.

As per client program one main attribute of loft – open space was disregarded, making problem to create comfortable space, meaning room and facility disproportions – too narrow spaces and too high ceilings. For the solution of this kind of problem I propose in addition to proposed dropped ceiling, providing plenum for air circulation, to install exposed decorative (fake) wood beams 100mm x 200mm at approximately 3 m height from floor level, adjusting living spaces to human scale and preserving space height. Decorative beams will bear lighting fixtures and other interior decorative elements such painting, posters, house plants and active design stair railing to office mezzanine.

To support sense of loft space I propose light color interior finishes with exposed brick and color inserts, light colored stone and marble for bathrooms and kitchen.


Competition Entry